Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to make a Smoothie

      Hello! I'm Abby and today i'm going to be teaching you how to make a delicious strawberry and banana smoothies. Trust me it will be worth it. 

  1. First take out your blender
  2. Next take out a box of strawberry's, 2 bananas, orange juice,  a measuring cup, yogurt of your choice, a cup of ice, knife, sink, and coconut water
  3. Now turn on your sink (make sure the water is warm to wash off the germs) 
  4. After your 100% sure that the fruit is clean you can start cutting off the stems, i'd cut off 5-7
  5. Once that is completed grab your bananas
  6. Now peel them both and break it with a knife or your hands into the size of your choice
  7. When that is completed put your fruit into the blender
  8. On to the liquid, grab your orange juice and measuring cup
  9. Shake your orange juice and poor about half a cup into the measuring cup (add more if you like it thin and add less if you want it thicker)
  10. Once that's finished grab your coconut water along with your measuring cup
  11. Poor about a half a cup too
  12. Straight into the blender 
  13. (Almost done) Now take your ice and poor it straight into the blender
  14. 2nd to last grab the yogurt you picked out and poor it into the blender
  15.  Now turn on your blender (make sure that the cap is on ;) )
  16. Once its all blended poor it into a cup don't forget the whipped cream and the cherry on top

   Now if you would like to treat yourself add some Splenda
  to make it sweet. When your finished with your master piece grab a straw and enjoy! 



  1. This is fantastic Abby! You were very precise on your instructions.

  2. This is fantastic Abby! You were very precise on your instructions.