Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Winter Drinks

  For this week’s blog I’m going to be teaching you how to make yummy winter drinks! These are great for snowy morning, and just to cuddle up on the couch with!

Hot Coco
  •  Your first drink is homemade hot coco.
  • First you will need a pan, chocolate syrup, milk and sugar
  • Now grab your pan and put it on the stove, make sure the temperature is on medium
  • Next grab your milk and poor as much as you would like into the pan, lets the milk warm up but make sure its not boiling
  • When it is hot poor a decent amount of collect syrup into the pot 
  • Now stir until the liquid is a light brown color
  • Next take out your sugar and poor a teaspoon of sugar into the pan.
  • Stir again
  • Now, when your chocolate milk is hot you may poor it into a mug and in joy.
Vanilla Steamer
  • Your second drink is the vanilla steamer
  • You will first need a mug, milk, ice cream, and vanilla extract
  •  First take out your mug and your milk
  • Now poor your milk into your mug and then put it into the microwave on high for 1 minuet
  • now get your vanilla bean ice cream out and take a scoop of that and plop it into your mug.
  • Now add less than a teaspoon of vanilla extract to your mug. 
  • Stir and enjoy
Cinnamon Milk

  • Your 3rd and final drink is cinnamon milk
  • For this drink you will need honey, cinnamon, and milk
  • This is my personal favorite because it is fast and simple
  • First get a mug and fill it with your white milk
  • Next heat the milk up for 2 minuets on High
  • Now squeeze a medium amount of honey into your mug and stir it.
  • Finally dump your cinnamon into your milk and enjoy

    I hope you liked my homemade drink ideas for the winter! See you next week on My Food Blog!

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

                                             Pretzel Rolos
     For this weeks blog i'm going to share with you a party favorite. My mom and I make them for every party we go to and or host.

  • To make the pretzel rolos you must first get a package of rolos, a bag of pretzels, a pan, and m&m's 
  • Your next step is grab your bag of pretzels and your large pan
  • After you got these ingredients turn your oven on it 275 degrees.
  • With your pretzels dump a lot on your pan, depending on the size and spread them out just enough to where there not touching.
  • After that grab your rolos and put one on each of the pretzels
  • Now wait for the oven to get warmed up. 
  • Once it is place your pan inside the oven and wait for only 3-5 minuets.  
  • When the rolos are stuck to the pretzels quickly take them out of the oven and place one m&m on each rolo.
  • Once you finish that task make your way to the freezer and place the pan inside.
  • When the pretzel rolos are frozen enjoy or bring the to a party for everyone else to enjoy. 

        Make sure your prepared to tell all of your friends and family the recpie because the are so delicious!


Thursday, September 24, 2015

How to make a Smoothie

      Hello! I'm Abby and today i'm going to be teaching you how to make a delicious strawberry and banana smoothies. Trust me it will be worth it. 

  1. First take out your blender
  2. Next take out a box of strawberry's, 2 bananas, orange juice,  a measuring cup, yogurt of your choice, a cup of ice, knife, sink, and coconut water
  3. Now turn on your sink (make sure the water is warm to wash off the germs) 
  4. After your 100% sure that the fruit is clean you can start cutting off the stems, i'd cut off 5-7
  5. Once that is completed grab your bananas
  6. Now peel them both and break it with a knife or your hands into the size of your choice
  7. When that is completed put your fruit into the blender
  8. On to the liquid, grab your orange juice and measuring cup
  9. Shake your orange juice and poor about half a cup into the measuring cup (add more if you like it thin and add less if you want it thicker)
  10. Once that's finished grab your coconut water along with your measuring cup
  11. Poor about a half a cup too
  12. Straight into the blender 
  13. (Almost done) Now take your ice and poor it straight into the blender
  14. 2nd to last grab the yogurt you picked out and poor it into the blender
  15.  Now turn on your blender (make sure that the cap is on ;) )
  16. Once its all blended poor it into a cup don't forget the whipped cream and the cherry on top

   Now if you would like to treat yourself add some Splenda
  to make it sweet. When your finished with your master piece grab a straw and enjoy! 


Friday, September 11, 2015

My Food Blog

    Hi i'm Abby and for my blog i'm going to be doing a cooking\baking blog. For this weeks blog I made a homemade chocolate cake and it was so delicious! Next week I'm going to post a video! Anyways this week I'm going to be telling you about why I love to bake and a little bit about the cake that I made this week.

    First as I said I'm going to be telling you why I love cooking and baking so so much. My first reason is  I love a challenge! An example of that was when I made the chocolate cake on Friday because it was my first time making a cake from scratch! But now that I've done it before and I consider it easy. On the other hand making breakfast is not the most easy for me, like burritos and poached eggs. Another reason that I love cooking and baking so much is (I know this is not the best reason but its true) I love cooking shows! I think that there so much fun to watch, and they inspire me in so many ways! Also they inspire to to be the best that I can be! The final reason I love cooking is because of the art: you may not think art goes into cooking  at all, but it does. An example of that is you have to plate your food nicely so it doesn't look like a total wreck and cooking is an all around art. Those are the main reasons I love cooking so much.

   My next topic for this blog is about the cake i made on Friday. It was a homemade 100% coco cake. It's my Nana's recipe. It included eggs, flour, sugar, vanilla, Hershey;s coco powder, baking soda, baking powder, veggie oil, and water, and that"s just for the main cake part. After you mix all those ingredients together, you'll scrape it into a 9x13 pan and bake for 30-35 minutes. Now onto the frosting! The frosting i used for the cake has been in my family for many, many years. Therefore, it's only made out of four ingredients. That includes sugar, vanilla, shortening, and evaporated milk. Once you put the correct amount of each ingredient into the mixing bowl, use a hand mixer, to mix it all together. Once you're finished with the frosting, and your cake is ready, you can frost it with as much as you want because the recipe gives you more than you need. Just wait until the cake is cooled before you frost it or the cake will melt your frosting.

   See you next week on my food blog. :)